"Working with Lifran was an absolute pleasure.  I feel I am transported to Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring every day I look at the it.  Very fortunate to have one of her pieces in our collection." Corina and Armando Martinez

"Lifrancis is a gifted young artist that transfers the harmony, soul and beauty of the world to her artwork.   The arts she created for our home are beautiful, unique and they complete our rooms with colors and grace.  Lifrancis had the vision, talent and skilled hands to design the arts that expressed what we had in mind for our home.   In addition, she included a special essence to some of her arts, naming them after Brazilian caring words, incorporating our own traditions.

We are so pleased to have her work at our home. Now, we have a perfect and complete place to enjoy, relax and entertain our family and friends."   Giordano Family – Rose & Marcelo

"I have three work of art in my house which were created by my dear friend and artist Lifrancis Rojas. The three of them give me peace, specially one that keeps alive the memory of my beloved Venezuela when I contemplate El Avila".   Montserrat Castaño.

"Estimada Lifrancis, estamos encantados por haber adquirido una de tus hermosas y originales obras que ha engalanado nuestra colección.  Te deseamos un éxito total como artista".  Alfonso and Susy Soued

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