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Artist Statement


Venezuelan born, Lifrancis Rojas is known for her highly textured paintings projecting a sense of movement and vibrant colorful surfaces. Utilizing organic materials, she achieves the appearance that defines her style.


The presence of fuzzy and smoky layers, play their role with streaks of tones creating ethereal compositions that generates a motion game drawings the viewers closer to discover what is concealed beneath the surface.​ 


Lifrancis is based in Florida since year 2000.  She has a Bachelor degree in Business and Finance, and a Marketing Certification. However, She is dedicated full time to the Arts.  She has been chosen as a Featured Artist for the Miami Art and Business Council annual event in 2016,  won Best Mixed Media award at

“Art by Design 2017” exhibit by the IIDA (International Interior Designers Association). and Best Mixed Media Award at Studio 18 15th Annual Juried Show.


Her works can be found in collector’s homes and businesses in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Hong Kong, Japan, México, Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

Today she serves as Social Media Director for the Arts Council of Greater Weston and She is former Marketing Director for the Weston Art Guild 2017-2023. 



Art Statement

"Art is color, form and texture that flood us back to the feeling of the sand under our feet, the touch of warm ocean water on our skin, or the rustle of dry leaves on an autumn afternoon.

Everything fuses to trick our minds and seamlessly transport us to our dreams, memories and deepest desires”.

Lifrancis Rojas employs a diverse range of materials, including sand, various types of paper, and threads, to create captivating collages on canvas or wood. These collages give rise to abstract paintings with intricate and distinctive textures, offering a tactile and visual feast for the viewers.


The last series in which I’ve been working are “Mending Broken Souls” and “Forgotten Memories” 


"I create visible stitches over pieces of paper that are already torn. One of the papers that I use is called “Amate” from Mexico, which has been made since pre-Hispanic times from a tree bark called Jonote. These stitches are done with long or short threads depending on how profound are the wounds. Sometimes they require longer threads. 

Through my work, I aim to transmit the message that it doesn’t matter how broken you are, the wounds will always heal."


Forgotten Memories



"This series is dedicated to my grandmother, an iconic figure in my life who passed away in 2018 at the age of 101. It represents both how memories detach from the mind and which we can do nothing to stop. In the last two years of her life, my beloved grandmother couldn’t recognize me. It devastated me to lose her in such a way. The fragility and ephemeral nature of life, often goes unacknowledged until it’s too late, and so my goal with this series is to honor and celebrate precious memories before they vanish using paper whose transitory nature mimics that of human life."



Lifrancis Rojas

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